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From Television to Watching Hindi Shows Online- The Journey Of Indian Viewers

The viewers of India have sure come a long way since the nation has gained independence. From the sole channel Doordarshan to 300+ channels in one go offering wide range of entertainment to the viewers of India. There are lots of different channels on air that produces range of entertainment from comedy to thrillers to family dramas to mythology. It is a must say, that viewers will never feel bored, if one television channel hasn’t got anything interesting to show there are other 299 in the line that offer the alternatives.

Specifically speaking, Hindi TV serials have come a long way. Initially there were just 2-3 to name few, but look today. You will find lots of them lined up one after another.  Elderly people are surely enjoying their “me” time through these Hindi serials. But what about those who are not staying in India? With nothing time consuming to do, killing the time is difficult. It’s no wonder they would feel depressed and bored.  However, the good news is that you can watch Hindi serials online without any hassles.

From boring to chic presentation of Hindi serials

People who have grown seeing Doordarshan, will definitely find today’s television under a huge makeover. Initially, these Hindi serials were just family dramas and nothing more with the star cast not more than 10-15 characters, but now there is different wave ruling on air. In the last five years it has gone under tremendous change and with that there the audiences too have changed their viewing perspective. It is a new era to watch something more realistic, interesting and entertaining. Some of the Hindi shows that are loved the most are Comedy nights with Kapil, KumKum Bhagya, and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Changing scene of watching online

Like discussed earlier, that Indian residents have no problem these days when it comes to entertainment, but people residing out of India have to pay a pricy amount to watch Hindi serials. The cable is expensive, but all thanks to the Internet that has made possible to view any Hindi serial online.

As the technology progresses, television viewing also involved with the time and now it is widely watched online. People are finding it easy, convenient and flexible to watch their favorite Hindi shows online anytime, anywhere with just plugging in the Internet.  The future, thus raise the excitement levels like no other.